Top 10 Websites for Article Posting

Top 10 Websites for Article Posting

One of the ideal means of making money is by freelance writing jobs and if you want to gain recognition there’s nothing better than setting up a base. This kind of foundation can be made by submitting your work to famous websites that have featured articles of excellent grammar, quality, and resources. Most of the writers online have their work reviewed by editors online after which the article is selected for publication. However, by following the basic principles of the website and formulating your articles in that particular manner will allow you to grab onto the position of a prestigious writer with the high number of recommendations. Also, the quality of content plays a very big role, so if you are not sure about writing an article by yourself, you can always use thesis editing services.

One of the widely used sites, eHow allows you to grow your name online as a writer by using your articles. However, your article must be grammatically correct and should consist of citations placed in the right manner. Don’t worry about recognition especially since eHow is visited by millions online for information.

For learning, building, and fixing in the context of content writing, eHow helps you in earning loads of money and experience. Submit your article thereby check the number of viewers you get accordingly empower your strength for better and easier challenges.

Follow a formula

Many bloggers today take a haphazard approach to blogging. Sure, they know their basic subject matter. But the actual writing sort of takes care of itself — an intro, a few sections, write some more stuff, wrapt it up with a conclusion…and….

  • Topic
    • Make it relevant
    • Tell readers how to solve a problem or achieve a goal
    • Explain exactly how to do it
    • Make it super useful
    • 7-10 paragraphs.
    • Use several one-line paragraphs.
    • Talk directly to the reader.
    • Use several first-person references.
    • Make the headings easy to understand and follow — full sentences or phrases
    • Keep the language simple
    • No big words
    • Use short paragraphs — no longer than three lines
    • Use at least 10 images
    • Do not use clipart in the body of the blog
    • Use data-driven images such as charts, graphs, and screenshots
    • Close with 3-10 paragraphs
    • Last line should be an italicized question

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