What Are the Best Translation Tools Available Online?

Luckily, we live in a day and age where the Internet is able of providing us with all kinds of helpful apps or websites. If you are looking for the best tools that will enable you to translate from one language to another, then all you have to do is give this article a proper read.

The World Wide Web is able of offering you tons of options; however, you have to make sure that you are using the right ones. There are plenty of translation tools that aren’t that good at capturing exactly what the original language meant, and these may make you sound silly. Avoid this unwanted scenario by using these tools:

  1. Google Translate

We know that Google Translate might not have a great reputation, but you should know that over the years, there has been tremendous progress in the development of its translating capabilities.

Most people are probably already accustomed to this product. It is pretty ubiquitous, being linked with other tools from Google’s display of products. For example, Google Chrome has an included auto-translation feature that you can access when you enter foreign sites.

Also, there are many Android apps that use built-in translation services for things like tweets or emails. These work together with Google Translate as well. This app also supports dozens of different languages and a great feature that comes incorporated with Google Translate is auto-detection, which enables it to figure out the language you need to be translated.

  1. Bing Translator

This one belongs to another giant; some say it’s the first that dazzled the world and it is also that saying ‘you never forget your first’. We are talking about Microsoft, and its product, Bing Translator. This translation engine is incorporated into Windows Phone.

A great feature that allows this tool to be distinct from Google’s product is the fact that it is the last one to offer a free API (Application Programming Interface ^(https://digitalculturesandtranslation.com/goto/https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_Programming_Interface)). This feature allows developers to use it to include translation features inside their apps. Google, on the other hand, makes developers pay for such a service.

Other features are similar to what Google Translate offers. We are talking about dozens of available languages and auto-detection. Bing Translator can translate web pages. Also, if you want to translate a personal file, then you can upload it and let the magic happen.

If you are satisfied with what you got, then you can use its voting system to let others know how accurate it has been.

3.    Linguee

With this tool, we are bending the rules a little bit. This one is not exactly a translation service. To be fair, it is more of a translation dictionary and search engine all piled up together.

Linguee doesn’t offer translation for web pages or personal documents. However, if you encounter something in an unknown language, then you can type it in and see what it means or how to use it in the right context. It also supplies you with documents from the World Wide Web to show you how to correctly use that unknown word.

As opposed to Google Translate or Bing Translator, Linguee doesn’t offer a spoken word feature to let you know how that word sounds like. However, if you have some texts that you want to translate on your own or you want to learn another language, then this product might be of use to you.

4.   WordLens

If we were to be precise, we would include this one among Google’s products since it is a recent addition to their portfolio. However, we must mention its creators, the people from Quest Visual.

If you remember, WordLens made some noise all the way back in 2010. That’s because this app, featured in iPhone’s or Android, was among the first that offered a camera-based translation that happened in real-time. This meant that all you had to do is hold your camera over an unknown language and let the app do the work.

At that time, it was something so fresh and useful that many were left positively impressed. Today, the app still works as well as before. While it may be far from perfect, this app is tremendous to use when you travel in order to obtain a translation for street signs, menus or other forms of foreign indicators.


Hopefully, we managed to offer you some of the best ways of transforming unknown words into more familiar sentences. However, you have to remember that nothing works better than a trained human being that has studied for years a certain language and it is accustomed to different sayings and interpretations. That’s why you may be best advised to try the best translation website on PickWriters ^(https://digitalculturesandtranslation.com/goto/https://pickwriters.com/top-10-translation-services) in order to obtain great results.

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