Shareable content is all that matters – for now.

The rules of content marketing keep on changing but, as we like to insist ^(, CONVERSATION IS STILL KING.

So have participants at the Content Marketing World conference been told in Sydney today – the number of shares and likes a piece of content receives on the web are crucial in its efficacy as a successful marketing tool. Thanks to widespread high-speed Internet access and easy to use publishing platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, power and influence are seeing a shift on the web. The locus of power moves away from Robert Caldini’s six sources of influence – scarcity, likeability, reciprocity, authority, consistency and social proof to content that moves. In other words content that people share. For companies, social proof is incredibly powerful. People do look at numbers and prefer to read content with many likes and shares. Content it’s only good if it’s shared. So what you need is brilliant content that breaks the ice and gets the conversation rolling. Good news. The important thing now is to keep on churning quality content that is not just useful for marketing purposes. We also want highly informative content that, first and foremost, encourages healthy, peaceful communication among us all.

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