The $20 ad campaign: small businesses find alternatives to Google AdWords

Tere Rodriguez:

Did you know there is a world beyond Google and Google AdWords_ Yes, there is hope for Jo Citizen wanting to advertise online.

Originally posted on paidContent (old):

Gerald Gorman, who runs online businesses like, pays Google (s goog) $100,000 a month to place ads near search results and on Google’s partner sites. While the ads have proved effective at attracting customers, their growing price tag has led Gorman to look around for alternatives.

In the past, Gorman would have been out of luck. That’s because, despite the internet’s rapid growth, most small and medium businesses had few viable online ad options beyond Google or Bing. This is changing, however, as upstart ad companies tap into new publishing tools and social media to offer effective online campaigns for as low as $20 a pop.

In Gorman’s case, he laid down $1000 on two such companies, Outbrain and Virurl, and was delighted with the results. While he pays as much as $10 for a customer to click on one of this Google ads, he found he paid 8…

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